How to use the power tools developed by radio creatives to harness the power of the moment

Time is a precious resource in an accelerated world. The side-effect is time pressure. If you want to sustainably and lastingly impress in an extremely short space of time, no matter whether it’s in discussions or meetings, on the telephone or during PowerPoint presentations, then utilise the secret of the radio: create images in people’s minds!

Let yourself be inspired by the working methods of a radio presenter:

  • Quickly establish the sense of a pressing problem.
  • Turbo structure: four simple steps to a clear message.
  • Quick & dirty: rapidly conjure images.
  • Storytelling: use the appeal of stories.
  • Polarise: how courage leads to success.

In this lecture, the audience is inspired to use more effective, powerful communication to achieve their goals quicker.

“The lecture is an adventure tour through the engine room of communication”

… says one enthused participant.