A good consultant is honest. Bert Helbig openly addresses areas of criticism. The rule here is: no condescension, no gimmickry. Clear, on-point communication and fair, respectful dialogue between professionals creates acceptance and provides guidance. Tiptoeing around sensitive issues distorts the facts.

A good consultant distinguishes. Together with the consultant’s know-how, your knowledge of your market and feel for your brand are just as important as the results of cutting-edge market-research tools. The essence of the station and the particular characteristics of its market must first be precisely understood before authentic communication can be derived. A consultant’s number-one priority: to be a listener rather than a steamroller.

A good consultant motivates.  Bert Helbig reveals employees’ existing potential through air-checks and feedback discussions, and enables them to develop in a focused way. As an innovator, he brings the necessary momentum to the change process. Desire is transformed into action. In the process, he enables entire teams to work at their best and experience inner growth. Sustainable. Intensive. Integrative.

A good consultant is specific.In the consulting process, Bert Helbig uses the practical experience gained during his many years as a presenter of successful morning-show formats and as a radio manager in various leadership roles. Thanks to his extensive network of experts in market research, IT and marketing, he oversees projects of any scale and variety. Familiar with the mechanisms and effects of all radio tools, Bert Helbig selects tried-and-tested approaches and develops them further in line with the specific brand – precision-customised, realistic and with measurable results. When it comes to consulting, Bert Helbig lives in the real world and not an ivory tower.