Radio ist Rocket Science. It’s not enough merely to blast off a rocket with a full fuel tank. You also have to know your destination. You have to calculate your course. Pro-activity is akin to navigating.

Radio is passion with a concept. Radio evokes emotions. Immediately. But not randomly. Without any driving force, there is no passion. And without a charted course, no concept. So that passion does not just aimlessly fizzle out, Bert Helbig ensures that energy is properly transferred to maximum effect. He channels emotional driving forces with strategic expertise.
The concept. In collaboration with his customers, Bert Helbig finds the right levers with which stations can increase their reach and brand reputation. Which tools must be used when and in what order to develop the necessary momentum? When do I launch the next phase to increase acceleration? This is radio physics.

The passion. The inspirational spark that ignites the fuel. Bert Helbig kindles and feeds the passion for radio. He cultivates your team’s enthusiasm for your product, and purposefully transforms it into exciting storytelling – into stories which touch the listener and pass on the enthusiasm. Concept becomes effect. This is what enacted strategy looks like.