Bert Helbig has already managed to impress the following partners. They put their trust in his strategic consulting expertise and communication know-how:

“Having Bert Helbig on board is like playing football with Lionel Messi.

He brings the whole team to top performance.

Bert Helbig also analyzes complex markets like Berlin very precisely, acts as a team player, thinks digitally and shines with a lot of creativity.

With his help, we have catapulted our transmitter fleet in Berlin to number 1! “

Armin Braun, CEO Content
Media Center Berlin, 94.3 rs2, KISS FM, Berliner Rundfunk

“The cooperation with Bert Helbig introduced a new quality to the discussion about strategic program goals and their implementation for our company.

Mr. Helbig can not only generate knowledge and insights into the causes and effects of his own entrepreneurial activity, but also elegantly convey it.

In Bert Helbig we have gained an absolutely top-class consultant. “

Robert Weber, CEO Antenne

“Bert Helbig is the golden connection between theory and practice. Operational know-how with enthusiasm for radio and brand. A strategic head with a hands-on mentality. Emotional coaching with a lot of fun. He takes a radio station to the next level. We look forward to the next collaboration. “

Dr. Gwendolin Gundlach, Head of Broadcast, CEO
Südwestdeutsche Medienholding SWMH, antenne 1 Neckarburg Rock und Pop

“Mr. Helbig knows extremely well how to combine the positive approaches and personal strengths available in the station with a strategic-scientific approach and thus to achieve verifiable optimal results.

He masters the human hurdles that can arise in such projects with the necessary empathy, but also with appropriate perseverance.
We got to know Mr. Helbig as a brilliant strategist with an inexhaustible background of experience. It’s really fun and good mood to work with him. “

Thomas Hagenauer, CEO
95.5 Charivari, Munich Hitradio

“Good program advice includes the consultant’s open ear for the needs of the program organizer and a good feel for the respective market with its individual challenges. Bert Helbig brings all this with him when he discusses a program concept and the necessary structures with those responsible for the program.

His refreshing openness and his excellent access to the team, which you have to take with you, set him apart. At the same time, Mr. Helbig always has a contemporary view of the radio of today and tomorrow, which he communicates enthusiastically.

I am extremely happy to have Bert Helbig as a consultant for the baden.fm program. “

Christian Noll, CEO
Funkhaus Freiburg

“I am happy to have a great partner by my side in Bert Helbig.

His extensive specialist knowledge is an important component in our strategic decisions and has helped us a lot in the past to consolidate and expand the Radio Fantasy brand in a difficult radio market.

An increase in listeners of 42% * is definitely also a success for Bert Helbig. ”

* (FAB 2015 hourly net reach Mon-Fri)

Thorsten Rother, Program director
Radio Fantasy, Augsburg

“Regardless of his outstanding professional competence, it is the way I treat my team that I appreciate so much about Bert Helbig! He manages to bring each individual employee to more know-how with appreciation and sensitivity. As a company as a whole, we benefit from this in every respect. “

Robin Schuster, CEO
die neue Welle

“When working with Bert Helbig, your (own) interests always come second.
First and foremost are those of their listeners.

For him, the following applies: do instead of admonishing and focus instead of empty phrases.

Bert Helbig doesn’t tell them what could be better. He’s doing better.
Your team, the program manager and the broadcaster.

Action instead of theory. From analysis to on-the-job training.
Concrete. Constructive. Creative.
And always with an increased fun factor even in difficult situations. “

Gerrit Kohr, Program director
Antenne Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

“Bert Helbig is one of the few companions with whom the professional is impossible to separate from the private! In both cases he is a listening, appreciative and empathetic conversation partner.

His know-how is extraordinary, as is his willingness to stand by his partner’s side even in difficult times – if need be – even at 1 am! “

Daniel Stupp, Program Director
Radio Salü und Classic Rock Radio

“There are three types of radio makers.

The creative, emotional gut person who is full of ideas for the radio and who makes decisions. The strategic, scientific person who likes to decide everything on the basis of studies and research. And the worker who spend hours planning and implementing everything with great attention to detail.

With Bert Helbig you have everything in one person. A person who is fun to work with successfully.

A stroke of luck for German radio. “

Alex Kind, Founder

“I’ve known Bert Helbig for more than 20 years. He was one of our most successful afternoon presenters.

He then proved his talent and skills with us as Head of On-Air Promotion.

We would not have liked to have left it off. But he was even better as the program director for a local station, in which we are fortunately involved. So it could have been worse …

We have been working together again for some time now and Bert Helbig is definitely the best adviser for us. Why?

He works strategically and focused. With a lot of empathy and humor.

Always clear on the matter, always approachable and responsible, even if something is not going well. But most of the time it goes well.

And since we luckily don’t have to work with AI or machines yet, the secret of a special, good collaboration always lies in the human area.

At Bert Helbig, the predicate applies: Every encounter is “valuable”. “

Achim Voeske, CEO
Hitradio antenne1 in Baden-Württemberg

“Bert Helbig held numerous seminars and lectures at the Macromedia University for Media and Communication with great success.

He impressed with his expertise, among other things, in the areas of strategy and communication.

Due to his excellent networking in the media industry, practical relevance was always guaranteed in Mr. Helbig’s events.

In addition to the curricular courses, Macromedia was also happy to engage Mr. Helbig to give specialist lectures on the above-mentioned topics in front of a larger audience (e.g. at Absolvia celebrations).

Due to his outstanding commitment, he is extremely valued by students and colleagues. The Macromedia University of Applied Sciences would like to continue working with Mr. Helbig in the future. “

Professor Dr. Florian Stadel
Macromedia Hochschule

“Bert is not only the man with the best outfits in the industry, but also a man with a lot of output for always new input. Seriously: I’ve been working successfully with him for many years. Bert is absolutely professional. Strong presentation, a meticulous worker on strategic issues, an excellent sparring partner, a passionate radio maker without profile neuroses, always open to thinking outside the box. Bert: thank you. “

Steffen Schambach, Program director
Life Radio, Oberösterreich

“Bert Helbig is an outstanding lighthouse in the world of consultants.

His perfect mix of strategic understanding and practical experience makes him a valuable source of inspiration for us with an unadulterated view from the outside. We discuss numerous positioning, music and moderation issues at different levels, and Bert is also a competent, analytically thinking and creative idea and advisor.
We are currently delighted with the best number of listeners in the station’s history, which is due in no small part to his professional work.
We have been working together for about five years – an extremely constructive collaboration that I really appreciate and that is also a lot of fun. For me Bert is a profitable partner on an equal footing and meanwhile a friend of the house! “

Andreas Dürr, CEO
Radio Fantasy Augsburg