How to use the strategies of the radio experts to stand out from the digital jungle

The digital transformation of the economy and society is changing the way we communicate. Traditional sales channels are being joined by digital ones. The flood of information, entertainment offerings and advertising messages intensifies the battle for attention. Your target groups are exposed to constant distractions from their smartphones, tablets, e-mails and social media.

This is a new situation for many companies. Yet as a traditional background medium, radio has always fought for attention against a wealth of distractions in listeners’ everyday lives. Radio has developed effective communication tools to stand out from the mass of information, instantly and sustainably generate attention, and use messages in order to emotionalise and motivate.

The information superhighway has a fast lane, too. Use the power tools of the radio strategists to stand out from the others in the digital jungle. Using examples from the world of radio, Bert Helbig explains how you can penetrate the digital white noise in order to become audible and visible, generate attention among your target group, and place your message in a targeted, effective and sustainable way.