How to achieve every communication objective even under difficult circumstances.

As a marketing expert or professional salesperson, it’s your job to generate attention and to quickly impress – often under time pressure and in a competitive environment.

Radio presenters manage this – even though the framework conditions are anything but easy. Radio listeners are constantly being distracted by their day-to-day lives and overburdened with a mountain of information. Digital sales channels and new entertainment offerings via smartphones and tablets draw their attention away. Radio plays in the background. And yet presenters still manage to get their messages across anew each day, and motivate and impress their listeners. Radio is effective. Radio sells.

Master the art of communication under difficult conditions!

Find out the things you never learn on public speaking or sales training courses. Let yourself be guided by the methods used by radio experts, and learn how to use surprising ideas and gripping storytelling to immediately impress and design your communication to be authentic, emotional and effective – in a way that is sustainable and measurable!